Happy Camper: What to Look for When Buying a Used RV

Happy Camper: What to Look for When Buying a Used RV

Seventy-seven million households in America count camping as a must-do summer activity. Regardless of whether you're tenting or RV'ing, camping is an activity everybody can enjoy.

Using an RV, whether it be a motorhome or towable trailer, brings a whole new world of possibility for campers. No more shivering at night when the temperature dips down at night or excessive sweating during sweltering hot days. You don't even have to miss an episode of your favorite TV show if you bring your TV along with you. 

RV'ing allows you to keep the amenities of home without losing the experience of being in the great outdoors. The problem is that brand new RVs are expensive. To remedy this, you should consider whether buying a used RV is right for you and your family.

You're probably wondering what to look for when buying a used camper. There are a lot of shady people out there trying to make a quick buck by selling lemons. Let our used RV buying guide serve as your handbook for finding the best camper so you can get out and enjoy traveling with your family

5 Topic to Address before Borrowing for an RV

5 Topic to Address before Borrowing for an RV

Looking for your dream RV can be an exciting feeling. Something you dream about and research for weeks, coming to fruition through hard work and patience. While it can be like a vehicle purchase in some respects, it’s very independent and brings with it a unique set of topics you have to cover. Before you borrow for an RV, the following discussion points are something you should consider before accepting loan.

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Facts You Should Know About RV Warranty Programs

Facts You Should Know About RV Warranty Programs

Article written by Wholesale Warranties

RV Extended Service Contracts, often coined RV warranties, are wholly separate from your RV insurance plan. Insurance covers damages incurred by weather, collisions, or liabilities from accidents, whereas warranties cover the mechanical and electrical components in your rig.

The main purpose of purchasing an RV extended service contract is to protect your budget from the high-cost of mechanical breakdowns.

RV For Sale

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One Question? When was your last home appraisal?


When was your last home appraisal?

Home values are on the rise across the United States and homeowners are turning to mortgage professionals to help tap this equity and get in a better financial position.

When interest rates rise, home values tend to rise too. This is great news for you, the home owner – You can now access this equity and get ahead!

If you have not had your home appraised recently, it’s time to contact a banker today and discuss some money saving options.

A refinance can help you get the cash you need for:

1. Debt Consolidation

2. Home Improvement

3. Medical Expenses

4. Tuition Expenses

5. Large Purchases/Vacations/Weddings

6. Eliminating Mortgage Insurance

7. Convert an Adjustable Rate to a Fixed Rate

8. Consolidate a 1 st and 2 nd mortgage

9. Lower Rate – Pay off the home faster!

There are some great new loan programs for 2019:

  1. FICO <500

  2. FICO 500+

  3. Self-Employed

  4. Investor/Too-many-financed properties

  5. Asset based loans

  6. Credit Repair

  7. Fresh Start/Second Chance Loans

  8. 1 Day Out of BK or Foreclosure

  9. Expanded Credit Guidelines – Making it easier for you to qualify!

Did you know there are options that involve $0 closing costs out of pocket – Only an appraisal, if needed!

Smart home owners are refinancing their mortgages and taking advantage of a low rate while they still can.

The time to lock in your rate is now!

Customer Testimonials:

 “I was connected with a banker who was very knowledgeable and offered a better rate than my local bank. My loan closed in just 3 weeks! Thank you for all your hardwork!  - John M – Orlando, FL

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                 Jenny – Sugarland, TX

Items to Prepare:

  1. Mortgage Statement

  2. Home Owner’s Insurance Declarations Page

  3. Income Documents

  4. 2017/2018 W2

  5. 2 Recent Pay Stubs

  6. Tax Returns, if self-employed, all pages, all schedules

  7. Retirement Income – Award/Benefit/1099s

  8. Photo ID

  9. 2 Months Bank Statements – All pages

  10. Statements for any bills you wish to consolidate with a home loan

Contacting WaveWallet for help with my home loan refinance was the sma2rtest financial decision I ever made!! My payments fell by over 50% and I paid off all those high rate credit cards. I am a disabled veteran and I was introduced to a banker who understood my situation. I can finally sleep at night.”      Wendy C – Orange, California