Owner Financing

Many home and auto financing options usually involve a lender. Some buyers may, however, choose to pay cash for their purchase. For those who can’t afford to pay cash and cannot access a loan from a creditor, owner financing is a great option.

NoCreditCampers.com offers buyers rent-to-own financing options, whereby there are no lenders involved. We offer our customers the recreational vehicle (RV) they want on a lease, which allows them to pay in installments along with monthly rent.

Owner Financing for an RV

Owner financing is a transaction where the seller offers financing to the buyer. Instead of the buyer getting a loan from a lender, the seller extends credit to them. That allows the buyer to get the RV they want after making a deposit. They can then complete paying the purchase price through monthly installments.

What are the Pros of Owner Financing?

As a buyer, you will get the following advantages for choosing owner financing:

  • You will be able to negotiate flexible payment terms that you can afford. That is better than getting a loan from a bank lender, where you may be required to pay a fixed amount of monthly installments.

  • Getting owner financing is an excellent option for buyers with bad or no credit. Most sellers will not require credit checks. At NoCreditCampers.com, financing offers are available for all types of credit.

  • Faster closing. There are no complex processes such as credit checks, loan officers, and underwriters who need to process your application.

Should You Get an RV Through Owner Financing?

Whether or not you should get an RV through owner financing depends on your budget. It should also depend on the kind of terms that an RV dealer is offering you.

If you’re strapped for cash and not able to scrape together the down payment the RV, you can get a deal in which you either pay little cash upfront or none at all. Getting owner financing is ideal if you have bad or no credit.

Therefore, if you have struggled with payments in the past, the option of owner financing is worth looking into.

Tips for Getting the Best RV Financing

To get the best financing deals for your RV, you should:

  • Shop Around– There are many sellers who are ready to offer you a loan to purchase your RV. Comparing offers from different sellers will enable you to identify the one with the best payment terms and lowest interest rate.

  • Always Negotiate –Negotiate the price of the RV. In most cases, you can get a huge percentage off the offer since many offers on RVs are inflated.

Get the Financing You Need

At NoCreditCampers.com, we make RV financing super easy for our clients. We have partnered with a large network of authorized lenders who can offer RV funding of up to $35,000. All this is possible from the comfort of your home. If you wish to deal with us directly, we have rent-to-own RVs available that come with the perks of owner financing. Fill out our simple online form today for more information about the financing options available.