Camper Financing

Does the great outdoors keep calling for you? Then you need the perfect RV—whether new or used. It will allow you to have the flexibility and be out there. RVs or campers are convenient vehicles that allow people who own them to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and go on an adventure. The appeal of an RV is it that has many of the amenities of a portable house.

And you don’t have to live in one. Many RV lovers use it in the warmer months or once in a while for long weekend breaks and vacations.

At, we offer multiple choices for buyers looking for a recreational vehicle that fits their needs. We also have lending networks through which our customers can receive camper financing to enable them to take home their dream vehicle.

What is the Cost of a Camper?

If you’re planning to purchase an RV, you need to understand that the cost of ownership exceeds what you pay when you buy one.

The cost of owning a camper includes the actual purchase, repairs and maintenance, tow vehicle costs, travel costs, and lifestyle costs. Purchase costs include sales tax, auto insurance, the buying price, and monthly installments if you don’t buy with cash.  

To get your camper around, you will need a tow vehicle that can do the job. You’ll also need to buy hooking equipment. Over time, you may need to do repairs and replacements for some parts, such as the tires. In addition, you’ll have to take care of fueling costs when you travel.

Buyers at get a variety of affordable RVs to choose from. There are also low-cost monthly payments that allow them to pay for their RV at a pace that favors their income.

Tips for Buying a Camper

Before you purchase an RV, you should:

  • Research – An RV is a major investment. Hence, you should get one that suits your needs and matches your budget. Look beyond the exterior appearance and floor plan. The plumbing, for instance, should be a major point of consideration.

  • Storage – Exposing your camper to weather elements can speed up its depreciation. For instance, for proper storage, ensure that you have a storage space that protects your vehicle from direct sunlight as it causes the tires to wear out fast.

  • Scarce Repair Shops – It might be hard to come across an RV repair shop. Find out if your dealer offers repairs. Otherwise, research on available and reputable repair shops in your area so that when you need service done, you can make an early booking.

Can You Live in a Camper?

You can live in your camper. However, there are laws that stipulate where you can put up permanent residence for your RV. Depending on your state, living in a camper full-time in your backyard where you have a house can be illegal.

Most states allow RV owners to buy plots of land where they can permanently live in campers. You can also consider living in mobile home parks alongside other RV dwellers.

Live Your Camping Dreams

At, we simplify the process of looking for a suitable recreational vehicle for you. You can access our RV Mall online to look through our ever-expanding inventory. Furthermore, we offer delivery services in almost all the 50 states where we’re operational. This means that you can complete the entire buying process, including camper financing online. Fill out our simple online form to find out how we can help actualize your RV camping dreams.