How do I apply for financing?

You apply for financing at or at the tab on the top left. Once an application has been submitted you will hear from one of our 50 lenders within 48 hours. 


When do I pay the down payment to assure I get my Camper?

Once you have heard from the lender the next step is to pay your $1,000 down payment. If anymore information is needed we will call you immediately.


Where do I put the address I want my Camper shipped to?

While paying your down payment you will be asked for a shipping address. This is where you put the address where you would like your camper to be shipped. There is a "notes" section where you can put in any other delivery specifications such as date or even time!


How long does it take to receive my camper?

From the time we receive your down payment deliver times average anywhere from 3-7 days. 


Once funded, where do I pay for the remainder of the trailer?

Once a down payment is received, you will receive an invoice with for the full amount of the Camper. Once that full amount is paid your Camper will be shipped the same day.


If I have any further questions who do I contact?

Any further questions can be answered at or 512-842-9698